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I’ve spent a lot of security check researching “competitors” to uncover lead generation pieces and landing pages that prospects look for. When you discard the enterprise-grade consultancies like Deloitte or Accenture, it’s almost impossible to find advisors via standard practices. It reflects the feedback I receive from my own clients, too. Affiliations matter because they serve as the references for the consultant’s character which is necessary for background checks.


“Show that you already understand their industry and have done some homework – even at a basic level.” Very powerful stuff. Another one to ask is “What are your expecations of me in this project? ” This will be too direct for a lot of relationships, but if you’re comfortable asking it, it can give both of you some great insights.

How Asking These Questions Can Help You Become A Better Consultant

Asking for any client testimonials to back up what your business advisor claims is a really good way to know whether you have found a reliable consultant fit for the job. The more specific they are in their testimonials, the better for you as a prospective client. There are several reasons why large corporations, small businesses, or even a solopreneur would hire a business consultant. Golf Courses For Sale is the only worldwide central exchange for buyers and sellers of golf courses and golf course related properties and businesses. Do a mock interview.Case interview questions require some preparation. Ask friends or family members to give you as many practice case questions as possible.


If the person you are meeting with is different from the person who will be managing the project day in and day out, you’ll want to know that. – then follow it up with asking them what is their second biggest. Many companies will have a script for the first question, it’s how they react to the second question that will be interesting and tell you what you need to know. If you are confused on why it’s a success, do not be afraid to ask them to explain.

As well as knowing if they will refrain from working with your competitors. Again, this is to protect the business, as you do not want key information being leaked, and you want to stay a step ahead of the competition. Did you ever have a situation when you paid for something and had no news about your order? So ask what happens if you sign the contract as well as what happens when you terminate the contract? It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Hiring Employees

Most consultants will allow for some extra time to account for unexpected challenges; this is acceptable. It helps to have a pre-defined strategy in place for a particular business need. For example, you can ask your consultant what methods they usually use to boost revenues, to lower costs, to decrease staff absenteeism etc. Of course, a general process may have to be adjusted for your particular business and situation. You want to receive complete documentation of the project, and you want to own it. One reason is that documentation is a great tool to maintain and even improve your performance.


Make it clear from the beginning that you want to own everything that comes from the consultation. As you vet candidates and compare skill sets and expertise to identify the right fit for your business, asking yourself level-setting questions can keep you on task. You want to make sure you’re also looking for attributes outside of skill sets that will best benefit your business. These questions are really good for every consultant to ask when the need arises.

These were the 12 ‘Big Questions’ from my ‘The Authority’ newsletter in 2020

Having a designated workspace is important for any business. As a business consultant, you have the luxury of choosing to work from a home office. You will not have to pay rent for office space, as traffic on the way to work will be a thing of the past. As an added bonus, you will you’ll have more flexibility with your schedule. However, you will you’ll have to be your own boss and not allow yourself to become easily distracted. Sometimes, the consultant must present their findings and solutions, so having excellent communication and speech is essential.

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Because in both cases, it is best to know ahead of time what access will be required so that the processes are not hampered, and the results are positive. Marina is a bilingual writer, graduate and dedicated member of the Content Snare team. A technology aficionado, Marina now spends her time helping customers and prospects get the most out of Content Snare. For your client, it’s easy to differentiate between the items they’ve filled out and what’s still left to provide. Content Snare automatically sends your clients polite email reminders throughout the process, ensuring clients don’t miss any imminent deadlines and everything runs smoothly.

If your management wants solutions from consultants but your people have the answer, change their titles to “business-process consultants” and save the money. It is important to have industry knowledge and also a broad knowledge of other industries. Knowledge from different industries will allow a business consultant to bring fresh ideas to the table.

The First 21 Questions (there’s a bonus question)

Since it requires so much commitment, being a self-motivator is a must. Your time-management skills have to be on point since you will you’ll constantly juggle multiple clients and busy schedules. It would be best if you found a good work-life balance while embracing the flexibility that comes with the job. Our how-to articles, editorials, and thought pieces offer key insights in the areas of project management, leadership, entrepreneurship, consulting, freelancing, and the future of work.


If you enjoyed this article, please click the share buttons on the left to let your friends and colleagues know. This is where you echo what your client has been telling you. You tell them that you’re going to show them how you’re going to help them reach the goals they’ve been talking about . If you can help them get 3 new clients each month, and each one is worth $20k to them that’s $60,000 a month in new revenue and value created. If the client even had a budget in mind, it may have only been $10000. Often you can find clients taking actions that are actually harmful to their business or are getting in the way of the progress they want to make.

Very easy to fall into simple, but not particularly helpful questions. Amazing questions, just one question before the last was not useful for my case. Answer these with your clients help and a major hurdle to providing solutions has been crossed. It is conceivable therefore to recommend what may only be a short-lived ‘fix’. Costly to the client and to your reputation as a consultant. I am late to the party, but I like the questions as well as the insight behind them.

Questions Your Business Consultant Will Ask

Asking questions at the end of a consulting interview is the only opportunity to develop a deeper and closer relationship with the interviewer. Asking questions at the end of the consulting interview is the only opportunity to connect with the interviewer on a more personal level. It is the only time when you can ask almost any question that you want. It is also another opportunity to show how interested you are in consulting and in the firm you are interviewing for. Things almost never go as planned, and a consultant must be able to adapt to fluid situations.

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► Finally, the scope of the services offered will help you set realistic expectations for results. If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably got a consulting interview coming up and want to give yourself every possible chance of landing an offer. How is your company different to other consulting firms in this country / city? I’ve asked people around but I’m interested to hear your perspective.

There are no wonder why financial organizations are integrating technologies, but managing this change is challenging. This re-shaping of the financial industry will require alignment with financial regulatory compliances. So, expertise in the fintech industry is necessary to handle this situation. Ideally, the marketing consultant will give you a straight shooter response of their thoughts on what they think is working, and what’s not. It’s a good way for you as the business owner to gauge whether they have a solid understanding of how your business is currently operating.

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