Buying your 1st property for Own Stay Or Investment?

Whether you’re looking to buy a property to live in or as an investment, both options require different considerations.

Own Stay

Profit or capital growth should not be your biggest concern if you are buying a property for your own stay. This property will not be generating any revenue for you and any price appreciation will not affect you much as most property will appreciate in the long term.
Properties are not as liquid as other investment vehicles out there, even if your property has capital appreciation. You will need to find a buyer who is willing to match your asking or valuation price.

Your concern should be if the property meets your needs and that of your family. The house you buy for your own stay should suit you and your family’s lifestyle, whether it is convenient and near to your preferred location or environment. Unless you wanted to move to different houses every 5 to 10 years, then you might need to count the capital appreciation factor in.

Investment (Buy-to-rent)

As for investment property, you need to identify who is your targeted tenant profile; students, working professionals or family. Next, you will be able to filter the location you are searching for your property. You must also be well aware of the cost components and your net income or loss on the property.

How to check?
Price-To-Rent Ratio (PTRR), where:
PTRR = Purchase Price / Annual Rent
*It indicates the number of years your rental fees will take to cover the cost price of a property
*However, isn’t calculated in relation to interest rate and appreciation rate

Other cost assumptions you may want to consider:

  • Insurance
  • Assessment tax
  • Quit rent
  • Indah Water
  • Maintenance fee, etc

Generally, I think there are a number of properties out there which can cover the cost of the property by renting it out. There are a small number of properties that can cover the mortgage interest and if you can find one, that’s a good catch, I would say.

Therefore, whether it’s better to buy or rent changes according to;
• how long you keep the property,
• the capital appreciation,
• interest rates, and
• the difference between mortgage repayments and rent

If you are considering to buy for own stay, you must consider other factors such as:
1. The security of living in your own home
2. The social status that comes with living in your own home
3. Freedom to renovate the property as you please
4. Gifting the asset to your next of kin

Extracted from iProperty 

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